Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Classes

Members are in the middle stages of life. Topical and bible studies with rotating teachers. Meets in room 126 in the church office.

Single and married adults, focusing on relevant issues of the day through Bible Study and life application. Meets in 307 in the Sanctuary building, next to the choir room.

A class of adults ranging in age from 30s-50s with school aged children, focusing on enriching family life through spiritual growth through Bible and life studies. Meets in room 127 in the church office.

Meets during the 11:00 o'clock worship hour. A worship experience aimed to provide meaningful opportunities for families of individuals with special needs to learn about God and God's great love for them. Embrace partners with these families in an effort to enhance the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of all family members. Meets in room 307 in the back of the sanctuary building next to the choir room.

Multi-generational class that studies and discusses selected materials with a Bible base in order to grow spiritually and build friendships. Meets in room 103 off Covenant Hall.

A class for those who are "young at heart" regardless of chronological ages. Study emphasis is on books of the Bible with application, and class projects involving mission outreach. Meets in the Chapel across from the entrance to the sanctuary.

Good News
A vital class of singles and couples from their 20s-50s focusing on Bible focused studies for a Christ centered life. Meets in the education building on the second floor, room 202.

Journey: A mixed group of couples and singles in their 30s and 40s who come together to learn about the Bible through theme based and life application studies taught my rotating teachers. Meet in room 105 off Covenant Hall.

People of Faith
Meets from 10-10:30 to accommodate Choir and Praise Band members. Engages topics of faith through Biblical and other Study materials. Meets in room 106 off Covenant Hall.

A safe, nurturing community that believes in he full inclusion of all God's people. Study includes the exploration of scripture, foundations and Christian spirituality, and contemporary issues. Meets in the choir room.

A group of mature individuals committed to an intentional life long journey of faith. Class studies include times of guided discussion where participants can learn from one another while studying the Bible or some other topic of faith. Meets in room 107 off Covenant Hall.