So, What’s Next?

So, What’s Next?

I am visiting for the first time with Children, What's Next?

  • Child care is offered for children from birth – kindergarten at all services and is located in the education building rooms 115,117 and 119.
  • 11:00 Worship service:  Preschool children ages 3 and 4 may attend Wiggle Worship which meets in room #116 in the education building.
  • 8:30 and 11:00 worship services:   Elementary age children (kindergarten – 5th grade) are invited to attend Kids for Christ following the children’s time.  They will go to the choir rehearsal suite behind the altar and return at the end of the service. If they don’t feel comfortable going to this, they are welcome to stay in the service.
  • For the children going into Worship, you can give them an activity bag which is in a basket on the front of the Information Desk.
  • On Communion Sundays –the first Sunday of the Month - children stay in the service.

I have never visited but I am interested in finding out more about HCKaty, what’s next?

  • The best thing we can offer to you is to join us on a Sunday Morning, experience worship, let us help you find a small group, meet the members of Holy Covenant, and find out what we are all about.   Our worship service information can be found here.
  • If you want helping figuring out how to start, just contact us: 281-579-1200 or

I have visited once, what’s next?

  • If you came to worship and signed in with your contact information, then you have probably already received a call or a got a piece of mail from us.
  • We would love to invite you attend some of our new member classes or the Q&A/Coffee which happens on the first Sunday of every month at 9:45am in the Gathering Place, the parlor room just inside the Sanctuary Building.

I have visited a few times, what’s next?

  • Honestly, that is up to you!   If you would like to continue worshiping with us, learning with us, and would like to receive care from the pastors, none of those things require membership with the church. However, if you are interested in giving back to the community through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, then membership is the next step.

I want to become a member, what’s next?

There are three ways to join HCKaty:

  • First,  you would contact one of our Pastors and let them know you are ready to unite with Holy Covenant.  From there, you can schedule a Sunday morning to come forward at the end of the service where we can recognize you and/or your family and welcome you into the congregation.
  • Secondly, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable coming forward by themselves.  It can be a little off-putting to stand by yourself.   We have for you a “Join the Church Sunday” where you and/or your family can be a part of a group of people joining.  Less pressure but you still get to see everyone and begin the process of getting to know your new congregation.
  • Or, if you would prefer not to stand in front of the congregation on a Sunday Morning,  you can simply talk to one of the pastors and join in the office. It will be announced on the next Sunday Morning. We recognize that some people have anxiety about being in front of a large gathering of people, and want you to know you are always welcome!

I am not really sure what it means to be a Christian, and I want to know more about the basics, what’s next?

      • Join a new member class! In 3 weeks you will get a brief overview of Christian Faith, the particulars of being Methodist, and about HCKaty.
      • If you have never taken Disciple 1, it is a Bible Overview Course that will help you understand the Bible better and in context. It is an intensive course that will last 24 weeks. Be on the lookout for the next scheduled class.

I am ready to grow along with my new community, what’s next?

      • If you are married and/or have children, we offer courses in marriage, parenting with teens and parenting with children.
      • On Wednesday Nights in the Fall and in the Spring we offer various bible studies and classes along with dinner.
      • Grab a Service Interest Sheet and let us know how you feel called to give back.
      • You can also sign up for A Walk to Emmaus,  an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a three-day short course in Christianity. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.

I am at a stale point in my life of faith and really want more in my faith, what’s next?

      • Have you been on A Walk to Emmaus, if not, sign up for a walk. If you have, are you a part of a reunion group?
      • Maybe you are not an active part of a bible study or sunday school group. If you would like to join a Sunday School, jump in and visit one or contact the office and we will get you in contact with somebody that can help you see your place in ministry.