Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children

Holy Covenant loves children!  We believe that children are a precious gift from God, to be honored and loved.  The teachers and dedicated volunteers touch the lives of childrchildrenen birth through fifth grade.

Our mission is to equip children for life through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, so they may grow in their faith and respond to God's love with open hearts.

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church recognizes the importance of providing a safe, holy and harmonious place for children and youth to worship, play, learn and grow in faith and for the adult workers who lead them.  All paid and unpaid leaders undergo annual training and background checks to ensure the safety of the children and youth.

Children's Worship Activities

Wiggle Worship is designed for three and four year olds. They meet in Room 114 in the Education Building during the 11:00am worship hour. Parents need to pick them up following the worship service.

Child Care is provided for all Sunday morning activities free of charge and is located in the main hallway of the Education Building. A Cry Room is available in the northeast corner of the Sanctuary during any of the worship services for your convenience.

Embrace Ministry is designed to minister to individuals with special needs. We meet in Room 307 during the 11:00am worship hour. For more information about our program please contact Charlotte Shutt or Abbie Wylie.