Family Matters

Family Matters


We live in a unique time in history where 5 generations of a family work, play, and worship together. Beyond the normal struggles with taking care of a family, people are discovering there are not always the quick and easy answers to our problems that we wish there were. Holy Covenant is proud to partner with other professionals to bring ideas and answers to those struggling with how to live together. Our semester-long Family Matters series tackles the tough issues each semester: From raising your children to strengthening your marriage, from how to take care of your parents to financial planning.

This Fall Semester we will partner with The Excel Center of Katy, focusing on some of the issues around raising children and teenagers in the modern age.


Class Schedule

Sept. 13th - Parenting 101: Preschool and elementary
Dyanna M. Villesca, Ph.D, LP, LSSP Katy Psychology Services
Dr. Villesca will cover common mistakes parents make that may unintentionally reward bad behavior.  She will also discuss how to create and maintain positive relationship with your child while keeping the balance between structure and nurturance.  She will also show you how to implement ideas to shape and motivate the “good” behaviors and decrease the less desirable ones so that you can maintain a positive relationship with your child.

Sept. 20th - Parenting 101: Preteen and teenagers
Dyanna M. Villesca, Ph.D, LP, LSSP Katy Psychology Services
This presentation will focus on noncompliance and how to effectively work with teens who may have fallen off track with following parents’ rules.  It will go over steps to improve your interactions with your teen and how to set reasonable expectations that he or she is more likely to follow.  Specific examples and tools will also be discussed for you to begin using at home.

Sept. 27th - Anxiety in Children and Test anxiety
Michelle Plamondon, M.A., LPC Katy Psychiatry
What is Anxiety? Attendees will learn brief definitions, types (general, social, and test), and an overview of anxiety. In addition, there will be discussion on the physiological explanations of it in children. By the end of class, the participants will leave with a brief overview of existing treatments and resources for anxiety for yourself/loved ones.

October 4th - Friendship and Bullying
Colleen Paxton, LPC-S LMFT, NCC
You will learn how to help your child to be a good friend to others.  We will help you answer questions like “Is your child a victim of a bully?” and “what do I do if he/she is being bullied?”.   You will leave with a stronger sense of how to help your child through the steps of being bullied, and how to have stronger friendships.

October 18th – Overexposer:  Social media and your kids
Alyssa L. Muchaw, MA, LPC Intern, NCC- Katy
Alyssa Muchaw will be presenting on several aspects of Social Media.  One objective parents will learn about is how to set limits for Social Media use with their children.  Appropriate limits and boundaries will be discussed based on their child’s age and developmental level.  Aly will also present information regarding the ways children and adolescents are exposed to Social Media today and some of the concerns that may develop from content they experience.  Lastly, this lecture will provide families with resources to help them set up parental control settings and understand what features or smart phone apps are available to help keep their children safe and protected.

October 25th - Teen Dating:   “I Thought We Could Talk About This In College”
Sherry Malcomb Gill, MA, LMFT, LPC New Solutions and Brenda Leiber, MA, LPA, LPC
What is dating? When will my child be old enough to date? What should I know about dating 2017? Isn’t dating the same as when I was a kid? Why can’t kids just talk on the phone like I did? What do you mean “there are teen dating sites”? What types of dating are age appropriate? Why do other parents let their kids go out to unsupervised/risky activities?
Our goal is help you be more comfortable with these and other uncomfortable topics by the end of the night.

November 1st- Body Image and Self Esteem 
Frank Simcik LPC,LMFT, LCDC Park Ten Counseling, Inc.
A Workshop on how self esteem develops in the parent child relationship. Here, we will walk through steps to create a parental style that will help the child develop courage, responsibility, and cooperation. Additionally, attendees will be better skilled at recognizing their child's goal for contact, power, protection, withdrawal, and the need to be challenged. In the end, we will strive to help the child and parent develop a positive approach to these goals.

November 8th – Depression in Children : What it looks like and what to do
Joy Pellerin, MA, LPC, Stokan Jaggers and Associates and Amy Galpin, MA, LPC-S
Parents will learn the signs and symptoms of depression in children, teenagers, and young adults and then what they can do to best support their child. We will also discuss when it is important to seek help and treatment options that are available.